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Terri Funaro
Photo of Terri Funaro, a Tampa Bay fashion designer
A New York transplant started her career as an assistant designer at Vassarette. She worked in the lingerie field for several years, but her true love was bridal gowns. She was hired at Jena Bridal, where she designed bridal gowns, pageant dresses, and prom gowns, mother of the bride & bridesmaids dresses. She has had her designs featured in W.W.D., Seventeen Magazine, Brides Magazine, Modern Bride (including the cover) and Intimate Fashion News.

For the last 11 years she has been an instructor at the International Academy of Design & Technology in Tampa. She is as passionate about her students as she is about design. Terri feels that there is no greater joy than to create something from nothing… to follow the path from an idea to a finished functional, well made, beautiful product.

She is passionate about creating clothes that accent a woman’s best features -clothes that make her feel beautiful when worn- while staying true to her own personal style. She designs clothes that are elegant and timeless.

She has been designing & creating custom gowns for over 20 years.

Visit Terri's Website At: http://terrifunarodesigns.com

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