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Troy Anthony
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Troy Anthony holds a Bachelors Degree B.A. in Fashion Design & Marketing from the International Academy Of Design & Technology, Tampa, FL and a Fashion Certificate from the Institute of Marangoni in Milan, Italy where he studied. Troy has been in the Fashion industry since 2000 working as a Fashion Designer. Troy has interned for 4 Fashion companies such as Baby Phat/Phat Farm and worked at various fashion trade shows such as MAGIC and the Apparel-marts. He has designed multiple collections for over 20 fashion shows locally and throughout the country including Fashion Week Tampa Bay. Troy has heavy experience in clothing construction, draping, pattern drafting, fashion shows production and tailoring garments. He started off by modeling: commercial, print, and runway for various clothing companies, and decided he could make the clothing twice as better and appealing.

Troy leads his team as CEO and Head Designer. Known for his “diversity and couture” in garments, Troy believes that his designer clothing allows women the freedom to style for various occasions. From the sassy-chic, young woman to the sophisticated, mature lady of elegance, Troy Anthony’s designs will leave you wanting more. With 10 years of fashion design & retail and customer service under his belt, Troy brings creativity, energy and leadership with a vision to the team. Originally from Minneapolis, Minnesota, Troy has a great understanding of the Northern Midwest & Southern market not to mention street smarts and a Hustle mentality. Troy is heavily involved in designing women’s wear and overseeing the operations of Troy Anthony Fashion.
Visit Troy's Website At: http://www.TroyAnthonyFashion.com

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