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Nicole Fattori
Photo of Nicole Fattori, a Tampa Bay fashion designer
Nicole Marie’ Fattori has always had a diverse, creative ability and a natural, easy since of style, however, she also has the innate ability to be extremely edgy when called for. Her true talent realized while she did makeup at the age of 15 for friends and family, she decided at that very moment that makeup artistry is something she not only absolutely loved but had a unique talent for. Ever since then Nicole Marie' has been driven towards a career in the industry of makeup artistry and fashion styling. Graduating top of her class from the International Academy of Design & Technology she looks forward to progressing into the realm she adores.

Nicole Marie' was born from Italian/German/Sioux Indian decent in the state of Florida; where she still resides with her Fiancé, Edwin and their 10 year old son, Santino. Currently, she is doing freelance for the Fashion industry in any possible way she can but is always keeping her eyes open for that next big event in which she can showcase her talents. Whether her responsibilities take her on location to a motion picture set, a television studio, video session or to a fashion show, Nicole displays her mastery for creating exactly the right look; whether by artistry techniques, bringing out beautiful skin tones, breath-taking shading and blending or coordinating exquisite colors always with the needs, goals and objectives of the project foremost in her presentation. Nicole Marie' has always had a natural ability to connect with her clients in such a way that they leave her makeup chair with a renewed sense of their own beauty and radiance.

“Exceeding your expectations… every time.”
Sugarface Cosmetics
Visit Nicole's Website At: http://www.sugarfacecosmetics.com

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