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Shanikki Peterson
Photo of Shanikki Peterson, a Tampa Bay fashion designer
LuJeanik Designs pronounced (La-Jeah-nek) was founded in 2007 by Shanikki Peterson. The creative name itself originated from her mother "Lu"cretia, her late grandmother Barbara "Jean" and Sha"nik"ki herself, representing, not only "uniqueness" but three diverse women who are strong, inspiring to others as well as fashion forward.

LuJeanik is not only a swimwear label, but a lifestyle! The ideal woman is chic, sophisticated and fashion forward. Yes, she looks at trends but she would rather set her own. She is innovative and her peers look up to her because she is different. There is no place so goes unnoticed. She is confident. She is beautiful. She is "You"!

LuJeanik has made its mark in swimwear apparel,recent media coverage includes Tearsheet Magazine, Vocess Magazine, ExploreFashions.com, Charlotte, NC Fashion Week 2008/2009 also appearing in the entertainment scene with wardrobe featured in videos such as Atlanta artist Omega ft Rick Ross "Make Love to this Music" and Rocko's "Finesse".

Find us on facebook under "LuJeanik"

Visit Shanikki's Website At: http://www.lujeanik.com

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