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Zhanna Kens
Photo of Zhanna  Kens, a Tampa Bay fashion designer
Zhanna Kens creating an image of Unforgettable woman. Woman is like a precious jewel, impossible to forget! Her New Couture Dress Collection represented to the world is fresh and sophisticated with the royal feel to it, fun and romance. She brings together great colors combinations, elongating lines of designs. Transforming Ballroom/Latin dress designs into Casual Chic for every day or special occasion. Presently, she uses mostly fabrics that stretch and drape, along with chiffon and silks. The embellishments on her dresses are hand crafted using Swarovski crystals, unique beads, silk flowers, and hand-made appliqués or anything else that enhances her creation.

Her awe-inspiring and elegantly hand-crafted designs will transform you into the belle of the ball. Please contact her now to request your own exquisite, custom-made creation.

Zhanna is recognised both nationally and internationally at:

2015 Miss America Pageant for Miss Texas 2014 Monique Evans

2014 Miss Texas Pageant for Monique Evans

2013 Miss America Pageant for Miss LA & Miss NM

2012 Miss America Pageant for Miss Louisiana

2011 Miss Texas Pageant for Miss Dallas and Miss Teen Dallas

2011 Tampa Winter Fashion Show Ball and Cars & Couture

2009 winner of the Prestige Award and Favourite Designer at the Cleveland Dance Sport Championship

2009 figure skating competition in Tokyo, Japan

2009 World Figure Skating Championship in L.A. on NBC. Her clients came in 9th in the world

2008 German figure skating competition

2005 season of ABC's “Dancing With The Stars” (essential part of the designing team)

Zhanna's work has been featured in several fashion magazines and TV across the world
Visit Zhanna 's Website At: http://www.zhannakens.com

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