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Danittza Zimic
Photo of Danittza Zimic, a Tampa Bay fashion designer
As of 5th grade her hobby developed into couture designs, but once Danittza was nestled in the city of Miami she took her designs from couture transforming them to suit Miami socialites, night owls who enjoy the event full life of the city and not least, the famous south beach goers. Drawing inspiration from the queen bee of fashion Coco Chanel the creations are classy, yet bold and alluring. Her line has something to choose from, if you are one who wants to show your favorite body asset.

Now rewinding a little for a tad of history on the Peruvian designer, Danittza Zimic. During her journey to what she's become, based in San Francisco she worked in the real estate business. In recent times the economy began to take a down spiral when she could no longer profit from selling what used to be million dollar homes. So she says to me, "Why not start over, finally doing something I loved. It was no longer about the money, it's about me". Her meaning of style is taking fashion and making it yours. That is why she decided to name her clothing business "Mizmi"...
Visit Danittza's Website At: http://www.shopmionline.com

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