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Nina Verklas
Photo of Nina Verklas, a Tampa Bay fashion designer
Born and raised in South Florida, Nina Verklas has always been inspired by the diverse culture around her, which in turn has a strong influence on her designs.

In August 2008, Nina incorporated her company "Bambina By NV inc." (meaning "baby girl" in Italian and "By NV" for her initials). Bambina by NV is a custom-designed clothing company featuring sexy and elegant styles for young men and women. As a high fashion designer, Nina specializes in swim wear, ready-to-wear, evening wear and costume design. Never afraid to design with an edge, Nina is known for being inspired by wild prints, upholstery and soft fabrics. Each design is created with "Un pizzico d' amore" (a pinch of love), which is something to keep in mind when wearing her styles. Her inspiration is spontaneous, which is why each collection is truly unpredictable.

The one thing you will always see Nina wearing is her bow tie, which is her trademark when seen at fashion events. It serves as a constant reminder that her grandfather is with her in spirit, influencing her good fortune, as he was always known for wearing bow ties. Coming from a family with a strong Italian background, it is not uncommon for her family to be seen sitting front row at every fashion show, supporting something they have seen her doing for so long.

In November 2009, Nina graduated with her BA in Fashion Design and Marketing at the International Academy of Design and Technology in Tampa, FL. She is currently building her company, Bambina By NV, in Miami and is ready to strike the industry with a fresh and distinctive look.

Recently, Bambina By NV has been featured in Florida International Magazine’s December 2009 issue, as well as on the cover and spread of Artistik Magazine January 2010 issue, Socialite Magazine’s February 2010 issue and a complete six page fashion editorial on her Resort Collection in Simply the Best May/June issue.
Visit Nina's Website At: http://www.bambinabynv.com/

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