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Helen Gerro
Photo of Helen  Gerro, a Tampa Bay fashion designer
Gerro's art is known for Gerro's signature look, "a celebration of women" and "art couture" Gerro's paintings express an indelible look of bold distinctive sensual lines. Through her medium of choice, acrylic, oil, and pastels, Gerro has maintained a timeless yet contemporary style.

Gerro's collection of paintings began with her background in women's wear designs which evolved into her art couture look. Throughout the eighties and the nineties Gerro sold her clothing line in major department stores such as Dayton Hudson, Marshal Fields, Nordstroms, and several upscale Boutiques throughout the U.S. Her designer line featured editorials in Mademoiselle Magazine and the Los Angeles Times, It was highlighted on Oprah and on a television interview on PM Magazine and of course, included in numerous fashion shows, namely the New York Pret and Minneapolis Aveda cosmetics, Gerros designers fashion show.

As Gerro sketched for her designer clothing line, which has evolved into her art couture looks becoming the paintings we see today. Her award winning paintings are described by Sarasota's art center as a "bold use of color" and "very fun painting. " Gerro's paintings are found hanging in Vice president of Revlon to the walls of Monti Carlo, France and throughout the U.S.

Beginning Helen Gerro's career in Minneapolis, Minnesota in the eighties she then moved to Manhattan, New York and spent 3 years living and working in Manhattan's famous garment district. Currently Gerro maintains a creative unique studio atelier in the southern Gulf Coast of Florida painting art couture to the tropics.
Visit Helen 's Website At: http://www.gerroart.com/

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