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Essence Flowers
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A native of Haines City, Florida, now residing in the Tampa area, fashion designer Essence Flowers is making a name for herself with her breathtaking style. Essence can be described by many bold adjectives; however, no term defines her unique talents quite like the word 'remarkable.' Introduced to the arts of designing and sewing as a child by her grandmother, Essence would pursue her passion for fashion further and graduate from Tampa's International Academy of Design and Technology in addition to receiving many accolades and elite recognition while in attendance.

Designer Essence Flowers is tenaciously solidifying her reputation as a budding couture designer Parisian and Italian runways won't be able to ignore by wearing so many chic hats, including those of a consultant in Tampa, a buyer in St. Petersburg, a Pre-Fashion Week participant in New York City and a force behind an up-and-coming label in Atlanta. This tireless work ethic has created magnificent pieces of art that have inspired communities, cultures, fashion crazies and critics, spanning from local charity shows to lavish red-carpet events.

Essence Flowers is a rising star who's truly wrapped in fashion. It's her calling. Even the casual eye along the catwalk can see that her dress and bathing suit designs elicit art and visual controversy with a hint of sex appeal. But for the startling combination to come from the hands of such a young talent is nothing short of remarkable. And it's with that respect to her artistic brilliance, we invite you to experience the couture movement that is Remarquable, Designs by Essence.
Visit Essence's Website At: http://www.rdedesigns.com

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