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Sherri Wright
Photo of Sherri Wright, a Tampa Bay fashion designer
After living in Saint Petersburg Florida, with a passion to design and manufacture a contemporary line. Fueled by the constant influence of fashion in this vibrant market of fashion-forward women, Sherri launched Styles By Sherri Designs in 2012. With a constant pulse on trends and new innovative combinations, Sherri reflects a design sensibility of what all women represent so well, CONFIDENCE! …

About her designs "Fabrics fuel my passion to create new looks… from my point of view, fabrics transform the mood of the design. Sometimes that means the design becomes dark and exotic, at other times fabric can sharpen and reflect that modern edge I’m looking for. Within each collection, I use textures to bring out and modulate the design. For example, the jewelry accents and heavier embellishments are textures that give certain designs of mine… and the woman that wear them… a tone, a voice and a persona."

… About Saint Petersburg, Florida "it's my hometown, my stomping ground. . St. Pete is one of a very few
fashion meccas where women with a sense of
style and means can flourish and define an essential part of this
vibrant culture. I’d like to see more fashion designers, not just retailers, return and have more influence on Saint Pete's’ "business world."

Her design mantra reflects her vision "elegance chic", Designed for the CONFIDENT." You can see passion throughout each of her collections.
Visit Sherri's Website At: http://Stylesbysherri.bigcartel.com

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