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Mario Gomez
Photo of Mario Gomez, a Tampa Bay fashion designer
Mario Jose Gomez is one of the region's top fashion designers. With an eye toward Valentino, Christian Dior, Emmanuel Ungaro, Carolina Herrera and Oscar de la Renta, Mario gives his designs class while encompassing visions of the ocean, reefs, and seas. Originally from Venezuela, Mario's designs excite the eye by using colors of tropical waters and the jungles of the Andes.

Trained in the family design and dress making business in Caracas with designer Elis Gomez, Mario now makes west-central Florida home. He has devoted much of his career as a couturier to the design of gowns that earned him national and international recognition.

Mario also designs wedding and pageant gowns for some special clients. His dresses were key factors in the successes of many of the participants in the Miss Venezuela and Miss Puerto Rico pageants. Mario also designed gowns for participants in the Miss America pageant.

Mario has earned many awards over the years, but believes the best recognition is the satisfaction and friendship of his clients.
Visit Mario's Website At: http://www.gomezfashion.com

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