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Dolly Donshey
Photo of Dolly Donshey, a Tampa Bay fashion designer
mon·stros·i·ty n. pl. mon·stros·i·ties
1. One that is monstrous.
2. The quality or character of being monstrous. [Middle English monstruosite, from Old French, from Late Latin mnstrsits, from Latin mnstrusus, monstrous; see monstrous.]

Dolly Donshey, designer and creative director for Monstruosité by Dolly Donshey, is known for her award-winning conceptual films and theatrical shows that accompany her intricately detailed and designed collections. Donshey’s design style has been described as “Edgy Elegance” because of her incorporation of leather, fur, feathers, lace, spikes, studs, crystals and other unexpected materials. Donshey has mastered the balance of the fashion world’s edge, while still managing to keep things wearable for the everyday woman.

In three short years on the fashion scene, 22-year-old Donshey’s collections have been featured on local news channels in Tampa, FL, published in national and international magazines, worn by celebrities like Kendra Wilkinson and Carmen Electra, and showcased at Fashion Week Tampa Bay 2011 and 2012, and at Miami Beach International Fashion Week 2012 (Monstruosité for k.hendrix collaboration).

Monstruosité is more than just an emerging fashion label; the brand transcends into a unique space where art and conceptual thoughts are intertwined into every aspect of the fabric. Monstruosité is an experience that strives to be apologetically MONSTROUS.

Visit Dolly's Website At: http://www.monstruosite.com

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