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La' Daska Powell
Photo of La' Daska Powell, a Tampa Bay fashion designer
Innovative emerging swimwear designer, La’Daska Powell was introduced to fashion at an early age.
As her natural talent for painting and drawing became stronger while in ninth grade, she found that her passion for art drew her towards fashion. Shortly, after graduating from high school in May 2002, she moved to Tampa, Florida to pursue her career in fashion by attending the International Academy of Design and Technology in August the same year.

In May 2005, she participated in the Academy’s annual STRUT fashion show with a bridal gown collection. As a learning experience, she analyzed her design skill and prepared for her next collection to be bigger and better. In April 2006, she graduated with her Associates of Science Degree.

To further her education she pursued her Bachelor’s Degree of Fashion Design and Marketing in June 2007. Since then, she has participated in numerous events and activities.

La’Daska accomplished many things in 2008. She produced costumes for The Fallen Faithful which premiered in Tampa in April 2010. She was one of fourteen designers chosen to create a red dress for the American Heart Association to bring awareness for heart disease, she became a Semifinalist in the AOL Latino Fashionista Competition, she designed an eleven piece swimwear collection for the Academy’s annual IMAGINE fashion show, and was selected to represent the Academy as a swimwear designer during Tampa Bay Fashion Week.

After accomplishing so much as a senior , she decided to step out on faith and start her swimwear line which debut her 2010 collection in August 2009.

By combining her artistic style with her design talent, La’Daska has shown that her passion for designing swimwear for women is what keeps her going. If you were to ask her what motivates her, she would say art, music, and family is what inspires and motivates her.

This 2010 year, look out for this luxury swimwear designer to hit stores near you with her 2011 collection.
Visit La' Daska's Website At: http://www.ladaskamechelle.com

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