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Maria Silva
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Maria Silva is the creative artist behind Rock and Redeemer. A Christian Crystal high end casual wear. A Company with a purpose, Maria wanted to be a part of something that is bigger than herself. She brings faith, fashion and technology as the ingredients to create designs that can be applied on apparel.

Maria uses a software that is able to convert designs into crystal/rhinestones and/or nailheads/rhinestuds.
The original way of being able to accomplish this is to have someone create a mold of a design and place the stones according to the pattern of the mold. Thank goodness for technology, there is a faster and more efficient way to design through software and machine.

Maria is no stranger to softwares and machines. A graduate at The International Academy of Design and Technology in Tampa, Florida, Maria received a degree in Digital Photography. Maria went on to get certified as a Media Production Specialist immediately after at Aparicio Levy Tech School. She is also certified with Adobe in Photoshop. More than designing, Maria was first intrigued by people's pattern of behavior. Maria received a Bachelor's degree in Human Services studying human behavior. She went to Southeastern University, a private Christian School in Lakeland, Florida.

The human brain has always fascinated me, its mechanics, intellect and creativity.
Above all, Maria, a Christian artist, is grateful for her walk with Jesus Christ. She believes that it is God's hands at work in her life that gives her the passion and the drive to do what she loves to do. It is through God's Son that I live my life with a purpose.

Visit Maria's Website At: http://www.rockandredeemer.com

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