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Ebone Jackson
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As a young girl growing up in the Virgin Islands, I was often given unique pieces of jewelry for several occasions such as birthdays, graduations and Christmas. I loved and cherished each piece as they were given to me by loved ones and were identified with the Virgin Islands! However, when I moved to Florida with my mother and young son in 2008, we were faced with several years of hard times when the economy declined. Many times we were faced to pawn our jewelry in order to meet a myriad of needs and monthly obligations. Each time it hurt more and more to leave my jewelry at the pawn shop knowing I will never see them again.

However, sometimes desperation leads to inspiration; and necessity becomes the foundation of creativity. It was during these low times that I began designing earrings inspired by the beauty of the Caribbean using crystals, beads, metals, and fabric. I felt confident and beautiful every time I wore my creations. My peers were awed by their elegance! It was then that I realized that I had a product that the world needed to see and experience.

I launched my online store to give every woman the opportunity to experience the euphoria of confidence and beauty. With this in mind, I invite you to explore the endless possibilities of accessorizing your outfits with pieces of unique handmade jewelry by me.

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Eboné Marie

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