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Robert Buck
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Robert Buck did not grow up dreaming of becoming a clothing designer. Instead, his mind was set on becoming a professional athlete. However, his life was changed drastically by his Grandfather’s sudden death on Thanksgiving Day. After growing up in Mobile, Alabama Robert moved to Tampa, Florida at the most pivotal point of his young career. The move was a culture shock for the “country boy” from Alabama. He continued to have success in athletics, but the change more so educated him about other avenues to success.

Robert attended Tampa’s Catholic High School with kids of retired professional athletes and wealthy business owners. Luxury cars and homes were something that only existed on television until Robert saw the lives parents were able to provide through entrepreneurship. The eye opening experience inspired him. After a semester at Alabama State University, then Florida A&M University the journey began.

The music business had become a gold mine, and Robert moved back to Mobile, Alabama with intentions of establishing a recording label. A meeting with a tailor to discuss custom apparel eventually changed the course from music to fashion. The tailor recognized Mr. Buck had an eye for fashion, and recommended a partnership. The duo formed a custom clothing shop. After leading the business to local success it became evident that Robert possessed rare skill to design and attract potential clientele.

Taking a chance on the fashion industry, Mr. Buck developed a mini athletic collection he named Habari Clothing. He then traveled to Atlanta, Georgia to showcase at a trade show. An established athletic glove company noticed the "diamond in the rough", and eventually offered a deal. The parties were unable to meet an agreement, and the relationship never flourished. Disappointed, Robert regained motivation from a suggestion to change the direction of his company. The idea was to develop a casual brand. This task seemed practically impossible until he studied the industry, and recognized the void for luxury brands with urban flare.

Staying true to the mission of Habari, Robert developed a new style of rich casual apparel. Habari Clothing Company continues its growth along with founder Robert Buck.
Visit Robert 's Website At: http://www.habariclothingcompany.com

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